December 31, 2018

Big Bend National Park


I often have people ask for past travel itineraries SOO I thought i’d start posting more about travel! Kyle and I finally made the treck out to Big Bend last October and we were so happy we did. I still find myself so amazed by Texas and all of the different landscapes that this state holds.


  • Hot springs – This is a must see. Also, our skin was SO SOFT after.. like for days! The water was hot, I’d guess 95-100 degrees. We went at sunset which was beautiful but I want to go again at sunrise to hopefully avoid crowds (sunset is the most popular time to go).

  • Lost Mine Trail : We tried to hike this trail but it was closed the weekend we were there due “excessive bear activity”! We will definitely hike this trail our next trip out.

  • Sotol Vista Overlook : An amazing spot to post up and chill and watch the sunset, there’s no hiking, you just drive up.

  • Window Trail : We hiked about 50% of this trail. The first half of the hike had amazing views. We decided to turn back because we started too late in the day and the heat was so intense. If you choose to do this hike definitely start in the AM.

  • Chisos Basin Lodge : Note, this is the only restaurant in the park. We were pleasantly surprised with the food.

  • Santa Elena Canyon : Highly highly recommend this hike. I enjoyed this hike the most because it provided such a change in landscape from start to finish. Be sure to bring water shoes because you have to wade through the Rio Grande to get to the trail head. We only saw a few people on the entire hike so it was super peaceful.

  • Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive : This was a beautiful drive don’t get me wrong, but the most scenic drive in my opinion was around the Chisos Mountains.

  • Don’t forget to look UP at night. The stars are SO BRIGHT in Big Bend because there are literally no towns around for miles and miles. Kyle and I laid flat on the ground one night and saw multiple shooting stars.

  • Rio Grande Campground – we do not recommend!!!!! Bathrooms near our camp site we out of order.. Next time we will stay at Chisos Campground (super scenic and much better maintained camp sites / bathrooms).

**Gas – Be sure to keep a close eye on your gas tank because it wouldn’t be hard to run out in this park! It’s easy to underestimate the size of the park until you’re actually in it.

**Next time: we will bring our passports to be able to enter into Mexico on donkey back!